Friday August 9 at Conical 6-10pm All welcome
Tunes by David Simpkin +
((((STONEHENGE VACUUMS III)))) (Christopher LG Hill + Masato Takasaka)

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After twelve years we are having a party to celebrate all things Conical. Please join us, bring a plate to share, something to drink, or just bring yourself as we salute the ride.

“The shaping and nurturing over years, the collective dialogue of that development is imbued, now, within the space, and the memory of that space. There is another voice at play within the exchange between artist and organization and it is the echo of the discussions that have taken place around and between and over the space of Conical”.
Stephen Garrett


In an increasingly crowded landscape providing a plethora of choices, Conical has built a particular set of conditions for artists to respond to.

Over the past eleven years of continual programming much documentary material has been amassed, including images, text and recorded conversations. Some appears on our website, some has yet to be archived. For many reasons, now feels like the right time to consolidate, reflect upon and develop this material, both as a document and as an instigator of new projects.

Beyond memorialising past activities the idea of a ‘living archive’ that further propels Conical’s self-reflexive agenda is of interest and has an exciting potential to manifest in a variety of forms, recasting the Conical project.

Conical announces that our current exhibition is the final for the
time being.

After supporting spatial, temporal and conceptual practices in Melbourne since 2001 Conical will no longer operate an annual program of exhibitions. However, the space will continue to be used for Conical projects, and at other times may be available for hire (all enquiries to

Thank you

Conical wishes to extend a heartfelt thank you to all artists and curators who have realised such a high standard of projects, also thank you for the consistently high calibre of applications received.

Thank you to all the participants in our recorded cRonical conversation series, mentors, and artist’s assistants.

And all the staff, committee members and volunteers that have helped make Conical’s contribution to Melbourne so lasting and meaningful. A special thank you to past committee members: Emily Cormack, Amanda Morgan, Jason Maling, Kate Fulton, Vin Ryan, Rob Hely, David Simpkin, Susan Jacobs, Katie Lee and Harriet Turnbull.

Thank you to our designers: Famous Design, Small & Quiet Design, Elizabeth Stafford, Johan Oevergaard and especially Justine Henry for her tireless work on the website. Thank you to our photographers Christian Capurro and Christo Crocker. Most of all thank you to Sasha Innes, without whom Conical could not have operated over the past three years.

Conical acknowledges the ongoing support of Arts Victoria (Arts Development: Programming) and the Australia Council (VACB: ARI & OYEA Grants).

To the art community, thank you for your time, conversations, encouragement, compliments and recognition, it is deeply appreciated.


There will be a party early next year to celebrate Conical’s legacy and future incarnations. Hope to see you all there!

Best regards,

Adrien Allen
Founder & Director